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Enter your Consignment No: number or Shipment ID number above to track the location of your shipment after pickup has been made. FreightCenter has been available for freight, trucking, and shipping services since 1998. There are thousands of trucks and loads available for shipping purposes, daily. Our website makes it easily available for shippers to find freight and connect with carriers, whether it is a local, cross-country, or even an international destination, they are all covered by us. We are also available to all shippers, whether it is for business shipping or when shipping freight to a residence.


Our team is always available online for shippers. We have a great team of determined agents representing our valued customers every step of the way. Our representatives handle the search for carriers and establish all the loading details for shippers to conveniently ship their items. RJmaritime is partnered with various top TL and LTL carriers in order to meet fast and reliable shipping needs and demands. 


Our unique and exclusive find freight booking system provides a speedy, dependable, and less costly experience when shipping. Our team finds nearby carriers to quickly obtain and transport loads to their desired destinations. We have daily access to these carriers allowing us to update shippers with a hassle-free GPS tracking system.

We are a full service company aiming to deliver our customers with a solution to their shipping needs, and accomplishing it in fewer steps than other freight shipping services. Our team understands that each and every load is different and separate from the rest, so our objective is to find freight and personalize a solution to meet its needs and requirements.

Our past specialized find freight services include, but are not limited to: White Glove service, where we handle all preparations and shipping for you, Blanket Wrap freight, Furniture shipping, Time Critical or Expedited freight, Trade Show, Expo and Convention shipping, and Oversize freight. At RJmaritime we know every detail matters, our award-winning find freight services are here to provide excellent shipping guidance to connect all customers with precise carrier matches.