R&J Maritime offers dependable nationwide shipping services at a great value. Why search around for the cheapest cross country shipping rates? Just go online or give us a call to get an instant quote from hundreds of leading nationwide freight carriers. Sending freight from England to Scottland or Ireland  to Wales is quick and easy. R&J Maritime even handles international shipments to USA, Cannada, and other parts of the world.


R&J Maritime points you in the right direction whether you need to ship furniture, heavy equipment, engines, motorcycles, refrigerated truckloads, or any type of crated, boxed or palletized freight.

No bidding required! Our quotes are always free and we guarantee our best price on shipping large or heavy items across the state or country with any of the top U.K. trucking companies.

LTL freight shipping uses truck capacity sharing to reduce costs for shippers. Typical characteristics include;

  1. Transit times take longer than full truckload transit times because of the shared payload.
  2. Is the most popular way to ship, according to the majority of shippers today.
  3. Is usually delivered in the mornings, with pickups typically occurring in the afternoon and at night
  4. Is often shipped through local terminals and distribution centers
  5. Is generally a fraction of the cost of a full truckload shipment. Shipping costs are usually determined based on a dimensional weight to increase load capacity.
  6. Handes freight that is larger than a parcel but smaller than a truckload—i.e., too large to take to the post office, but too small for an entire truck.
  7. Works for cargo that weighs anywhere from 150 pounds and up.
  8. Features shipments are typically palletized or crated, to reduce both rates and damage risks.


LTL freight shipping saves you money.

Freight shipping is the easiest way to move large and bulky items quickly and efficiently. When you don’t need a full truckload, you can save a lot of money with LTL freight shipping