Industrial, medical, CNC and milling machinery are ever more complex and sophisticated, requiring specialized care during transport. From single machine/tool moves to complete machine-shop relocations, count on R & J Maritime  to broker the logistics best suited for your machine transport needs, including:

  • Delivery to site - transporting your machinery to its destination safely and at the best rate
  • storage and bonded warehousing - where required, R&J Maritime can assist in facilitating this add on service.
  • Loading of machinery - lifting and loading machinery at point of origin
  • Flat and covered transport - securing and protecting your machinery cargo during transport


Logistics are key to efficiently building out new construction homes. Whether the properties are single- or multi-family/attached-home communities, effectively transporting materials to the job site is critical to success. R & J Maritime  is your go-to resource for delivering new home construction materials to the right place at the right time, including the following types of cargo:

  • Structural Materials: Lumber, plywood, SIPs, windows, roofing
  • Landscaping materials: sod, plants, trees, patio, retaining wall, gazebo, pool, screening and water features.
  • Appliances: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers
  • Plumbing and fixtures: sinks, toilets, tubs, pipes
  • Natural Stone Slabs: granite, quartz, marble for countertops
  • Masonry: concrete block, stone, brick for exterior, walls or walkways


Transporting raw materials for construction demands ingenuity in itself. Since many skyscrapers are built within the framework of an established city, nearby buildings limit the space available for storage and construction—so it’s common for I-beams, for example, to be delivered to worksites at the exact time they’re needed for placement. Such heavy, long and awkward loads require mass coordination, secure rigging and the experience offered through dedicated truckload services.


Due to the size and weight of heavy equipment, special shipping considerations will likely be required. The shipment of tractors, cranes, forklifts, or other large industrial equipment may potentially require a certain carrier that specializes in heavy equipment. Heavy equipment shipping can be a difficult task and it’s essential that you chose a specialized carrier that is familiar and experienced with your hauling needs. R&J Maritime can point you in the right direction of choosing a provider that can meet those needs for you.


  • If you are shipping a large enough load, you may need an entire truck. This option requires a lot of freight to make it a more economical choice than LTL.


  • Refers to shipping an item that is relatively small and will not take up the entirety of the trailer. You pay for the amount of space you take up, not the entire truck.


Depends on how big are we talking? If you’re shipping machinery like an engine, it won’t take up an entire trailer and you’re better off choosing LTL. If you’re shipping something like 3 commercial lawn mowers though, you enter the arena where you may want to consider choosing TL. Any time your freight weighs more than 15,000 pounds or if you are shipping more than 10 pallets worth of goods, it makes sense to ship truckload. Consult with an agent when getting your free, instant freight quote to determine which option is right for you.